Friday, 20 June 2008

Much closer to the final question

The making, locating and viewing the Black presence in an early sixteenth century Devonshire Rood Panel - The Adoration and of the Magi Panel catalogue number W.54-1928.

I like this as it follows the course and gives structure with a background. I'll present this at the IE outline review tutorial this morning to see if it works:

This outline should last a maximum of 5 minutes and typically covers your working title, your chosen work to be viewed first hand, the course theme(s) you will address and the key questions you will be investigating. You may also wish to comment on available literature. This will be followed by 5 minutes of feedback from myself and other students.


  • Panel painting
  • Gothic structure cf altar pieces
  • Devonshire Rood screens
  • The origin of the black magi
  • Movement of the idea across Europe
  • Germany > Antwerp > England
  • purpose images on panel screen
That'll be the core essay structure upon which I'll build. I might even try writing the conclusion first then the introduction. That was a tip from the IE preparatory CD.

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