Friday, 22 August 2008

There’s a problem

I just completed the part of my essay where I compare the piece to the Ugborough Adoration with the a view to showing how similar they are, ending with the claim that the Ugborough’s fourth panel should be a black magus looking a bit like the one in the piece. I was now about to go to talk about the quality of the painting or the lack of quality as Devon roodscereen paintings are universally condemned….

Pevsner said with the exception of Ashton…the standard of [Devon rood-screen] painting is deplorable

The V&A’s Gothic Art in England states Devon rood-screen panels ..can at best be called crude or vigorous

Edward Long the figure drawing in Devon is generally speaking rather clumsy

I would have agreed but there is small glimmer of some of the most delicate brash work creating a fine Gothic foliage in the cushion the V&C sit on in the Ugborough Adoration.

It’s shown in detail below and comapred with the throne that piece’s V&C sit on.

Ugborough Detail

The piece’s work shown below is crude with broad brush strokes lacking the subtly , flow and gentleness of the Ugborough’s floral work.

Piece's Same Detail

It could be argued that the piece was once as detailed and floral but when it was repainted in the 17th century the artist brushed over the detail.

But what troubles me if the Ugborough artist had seen the piece or in deed was one and same artist why do such wonderful detail work and leave the rest of the piece looking so ‘deplorable’, ‘crude’ and ‘clumsy’ ?

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