Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Result and the Way Forward

Despite the fact the OU said the result would be posted on the 12th Dec they where actually posted today  9th Dec ’09 – a friend who works for the OU gave me the tip...........and yes I passed ....and the mark for the essay  was excellent, I’m really pleased ....so what’s next ?

I’ve signed up for AA318 but not really looking forward to it as I am troubled by much of post modern art..... Hurst, Emin et al as I’ve no desire to be shocked I want to be stroked, loved and cared for...as there’s enough angst in my life and the world for me not to need artist reproducing these themes in their  art for me. I’m trying to get on an OU  MA course where I can develop some of the ideas from the Essay.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying the pass and the  Essay mark!

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JD said...

go on share...what was the result???