Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Pope App Answers My Question From the Last Conclave

Sistine Chapel Ready For the Conclave
A question I posed on the Sistine Chapel’s  Wiki Entry during the conclave , back in 2005, for last Pope - Pope Benedict 16th/XVI - has just been answered. Here's my question from Wikipedia:
Raphael's Tapestries and the Conclave
Is it true that the Tapestries from Raphael's cartoons are only brought out for major events in the Sistine. Such an event is the current Conclave to select a new Pope ?
If so are there any pictures or video of the Chapel in all its glory complete with the Raphael tapestries ? Where can I get them ?
One of Ten Raphael Sistine Chapel Tapestries - Christ's Charge to Peter
The Raphael Tapestries were designed in Rome by Raphael and made Bruges by the leading weaver of the day, in the early sixteenth century. There was a recent, much acclaimed, V&A exhibition on the cartoons or drawings   which showed them off beautifully - comparing V&A's cartoon/drawing with the Vatican's real thing. I have written about a Black in one of the Tapestries.

My question has now been answered however not by any Wikipedia correspondents but by The Pope App from Vatican News on my iPhone!

Cardinals in front of the Faux Drapery
I have the pictures you see here of the Chapel set up for the Conclave taken from The Pope App, which allowed the images to be shared on Facebook, Twitter or by email. And oddly, sadly there are NO Raphael tapestries to be seen.  The faux drapes are there -  remaining uncovered, exposed below the Florentine frescos looking, to my eye, a bit lost and out of place in all the glory of the Chapel and Cardinals. 

You would think on such an illustrious, historic occasion the Chapel would be dressed in all its finery – in its very best.

Chapel and Cardinals
Still it does look good with Michelangelo’s inspirational ceiling, his awesome Last Judgment and the beautiful frescos from fifteenth century Florence’s finest painters all set off by the Cardinals in their dramatic red robes to great effect.

A wonderful sight – pure theatre on the most breathtaking stage - bring on the white smoke!

BTW how BIG must the occasion be before they bring out the Raphael Tapestries?!

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