Friday, 30 May 2008

Down to the last three....

Posted TMA 02 electronically last night so now I can focus on TMA 03 which is what’s called the pro Forma for the Independent Essay (IE) which is what this Blog’s all about. TMA 03 is the OU enquiring into the validity of your chosen subject and title do they fit with the courses times - 1440 to 1530 and objectives - making, locating and viewing art of the period.

I’ve reduced my piece to a selection from one of three – all from the V&A’s collections

1 A della Robbia altar piece

2 An English Rood 15th century Rood Screen with the three magi presenting gifts to the Virgin and child.

3 A portrait of Duke Alessandro de' Medici

Each has black presence, which I’ll explore over the next few days. At the same time I need to find a course object to compare them to for the sake a balanced question. As the question I have in mind is something like …

How representative is the Black presence in YYYYY’s XXXXXX during the Renaissance period compared with that in ZZZZZZZ’s WWWWWW?

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