Tuesday, 27 May 2008

IE at the V&A

Bartolommeo degli Erri's St Vincent Ferrer preaching before a Pope (and detail above) Off to the V&A today to discuss my Independent Essay - a 4,500 word essay on a subject with the courses time frame 1420 to 1520. Mines's going to be on some aspect of Blacks in the Rennaissance (hence the title of the Blog) . I was looking at at an obscure work in the Ashmoluem - see above.

Looking at the Black in the lower left shown enlarged above, but having been to the V&A and visted its web site have found it to be a more fruitful source of documented works. They also have a very useful site on BARE...see my favourites.

The IE is to be an 'investigation' not research the Ashmoulem piece was poorly documented so, would have required far too much research in languages I don't know well at all aka Latin and Italian.

Let's see what the V&A produces...

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