Sunday 10 November 2013

So, I wrote to the V&A......

St Maurice
Marnhull Orphery
Following on from comments on my tour of the V&A's Hidden Black Presence I did write to the V&A about the errors I'd spotted  and my recommendations for some changes (you can download the papers by selecting their link below or click on its image above).

At the time of writing but I do know the St Maurice has been passed to the right department while  I've yet to hear back on the Marnhull.

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Michael said...

I've had a very positive reply from the V&A on my comments on the Marnhull Orphrey:

Thank you very much for your email, which was passed on to me. One of my colleagues attended your gallery talk, and had already let me know of your observation on the mis-attribution to Simon of Cyrene, suggesting we should make the change you recommended. I completely agree with your point, and had updated our database accordingly; this correction will go live when the website is next refreshed. Your observation about St Peter's attributes is also helpful, and I will incorporate.

Couldn't have hoped for a better outcome, I'm delighted, now let's see what they do about St Maurice.....