Monday, 7 July 2008

Been quiet lately

It's been quite these past few days as I've been busy completing TMA 3 (OU speak for the third Tutor Marked Assignment in the course) .

This is glorified essay plan, in which I have to put flesh to the essay title. What I am going to write about and what are my sources, both primary and secondary.

I’ve modified the essay title:

An investigation into the making, locating and viewing of The Black Image in an early sixteenth century painted panel - The adoration and of the Magi Panel - Victoria and Albert Museum catalogue number W.54-1928.


This essay is an investigation into the Black presence on the early 16th century painted panel from the V&A collection W54.1928. It first sets out to establish that the panel was probably part of Devon Rood screen by comparison with the constructions of and the images on roodscreens still in their original Churches in Devon. From this analysis how the panel was made is discussed. Next the image of the Black Magi within The Adoration will be considered, how the image developed and moved across medieval Europe eventually reaching rural South –West England. Finally having established that the panel made a part of roodscreen and with some knowledge of where the image of the Black Magi came from the final part of the investigation will consider what the image of a Black Magi on an the Roodscreen may have meant to those who possibly have commissioned the panel and to those who might have viewed it.

This allows me to follow the structure of the course while building up to the final piece on viewing the image – what viewers might have a thought and why.

TMA 3 questions included:

Which of the three themes of the course do you plan to focus on, and how does it/do they relate to your essay topic?

The west country roodscreen’s gothic construction the role of the carver and workshop
How the Black Magi in the Adoration of the Magi moved from Czechoslovakia through the Low Countries to England
The Black Magi image its purpose its patron its part in Chipps-Smith ‘Well Dressed Church’

Key question(s) to investigate (here you should explain and develop the essay title from the initial proposal)

What was the purpose to the panel ?
An analysis of what the panel and its image was as part of an English roodscreen by comparing its construction and images with contemporary panels still in their original positions.
What was the role of the Black Magi ?
The image as part of a Devon roodscreen its didactic , social and possible patronial significance.

As it’s a TMA it’s marked in as much the tutor comments on it - in short is there enough (or too much) for a decent essay.

It had to be in by midnight 4th July. It’s in. I now await feedback.

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