Sunday, 20 July 2008

Porlock’s church – St Dubricius

Devon is absolutely bristling with medieval artefacts before I share my work on Roodscreens I must share with you the most wonderful alabaster tomb and the remnants of a screen

In Porlock’s church – St Dubricius – there’s the Harington Monument.

The magnificent alabaster monument of John 4th Lord Harington (d 1417) and his wife Elizabeth. The monument is one of the finest of its period (so the plaques says!).

As for its roodscreen - on the North wall you can still see the entrance to the Rood Loft - see the Purlock pictures on the right

On the column opposite you can see were the beams of the Screen and Loft met the column.

A useful little guide to the church reports that the Roodscreen was taken down in 1789 for which one James Taylor was paid one shilling for his troubles...hmmm didn’t realise he was that old or worked for so little :-) .

Seems every small village church of which there are over 100 has some relevant piece often pieces. I’d argue anyone in Devon is spoilt for choice it’s bristling with the stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic - I am on holiday in Devon and visited Powderham Castle - home of the Courtenay family. Picked a book up in the gift shop "diary of a medieval lady" very good and informative read. She was Lady Elizabeth Harrington (later Lady Bonville). I Have since visited "Shute Barton", Cloyton and looked up info on Porlock . You website has a picture of her tomb. Thanks for he insight.