Wednesday, 23 July 2008

EAST v WEST aka Suffolk/Norfolk v Devon/Somerset

Have spent so much time in the west country I’ve ignored the east – Suffolk and Norfolk – where there are the most glorious roodscreens but it’s off topic as far as my essay goes. A mention in passing is all that they will have. Never the less there is the most wonderful site I’ve ever seen covering roodscreens of Suffolk and Norfolk.

It’s received many accolades not surprising when you see the depth and breath of its coverage of its eponymous subject.

There’s supposed to be over 200 churches with roodscreens in the Suffolk/Norfolk area while the Devon according to Pevsner there are 100. (Those figures are form memory so need to be accurately referenced).

So the east has twice as many churches as the west and a great site to promote its churches the west country seems to come worst off…….waiting for someone to create the definitive work on the net – the nearest the transcription of a 1908 book on roodscreens.

So there’s a opportunity for someone to create THE definitive site for Devon.

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